Gary And Dave Together

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Compact Disk – Together features Gary Weeks and Dave Beckett's classic #1 “Could You Ever Love Me Again” & “I Fell In Love With You Sometime”

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Gary Weeks and Dave Beckett‘s first recordings, “I’m A Rider” & “Can’t You Do It Now” & “Take It From Me“, were engineered at Sound Canada by Greg Hambleton in 1970 with the Axe ‘studio crew’ (Paul Clinch, Stan Theriault, Peter Goodale & Joe Dinardo). Further recordings from their first album Together including “Could You Ever Love Me Again“, “I Fell In Love With You Sometime” & “Here It comes Again” were recorded as singles at Toronto Sound Studios by Greg and engineer Terry Brown with distinctive string and horn arrangements by the late Doug Randle. By late 1974, London Records had released Gary and Dave’s recordings in the United States and many other countries (reaching #4 in Australia).

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