Steel River

Weighin' Heavy A536 - their 1st album containing "Ten Pound Note", "Walk By The River", etc.

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About the Album

Best known for "Ten Pound Note" b/w "Momma Pie Blues" (1970), Steel River's first album opens with "Dream Is Country", a high-powered rocker with Tony's intense guitar riffs and Bob Forrester's climactic B3 organ solo. WEIGHIN' HEAVY also contains blues rocker "What Have I To Lose?", "Seems They're Out To Get You" & the Beatlesque ballad "If You Let Her Know".

For over 40 years, it was assumed that the original tapes were lost until a recent inventory of Greg’s multi-track analog master tapes rescued them from basement storage. They were transferred to digital and re-mixed to their full sound quality.

An MP3 download version of this album is also available at Axe Digital Downloads

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