Steel River

A Better Road A534 - their 2nd hit album containing two chart hits "Mexican Lady" and "Southbound Train".

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About the Album

"Southbound Train", the hit single from A Better Road was recorded at Toronto Sound with Greg Hambleton producing, Terry Brown engineering in 1972 and mixed by Bob Liftin (Regent Sound, NY). The album was released in Canada on Greg's Tuesday label and by the Stereo Dimension label in the States. Distributed worldwide by Phonogram, the single promoted the album and supported their extensive international touring schedule in major arenas. "Mexican Lady", featuring John Dudgeon's blues-rock vocals and their 3rd hit single, is included along with "Do You Know Where You're Going?", "What You Are" & "Take It Slowly"

An MP3 download version of this album is also available at Axe Digital Downloads

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