Greg Hambleton

Summer Songs A533 - his first album collection of 12 songs including "Red Leaves" and "Shendah"

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About the Album

Writen in a troubadour style the songs are about city living (“Toronto Fell In Love With You”), times in Toronto’s 60’s Yorkville scene (“Is This The Last Time” & “Shendah”), anthems and love songs (“Free The Land” & “I Still Love You”), a new version of his hit song first recorded by Madrigal in 1972 (“I Believe In Sunshine”) and “Red Leaves”, inspired by the Muskoka fall panorama.

The album was recorded in Hamilton, Ontario with Greg Hambleton on acoustic guitar and vocals with Victor Bateman on bass and featuring Julia Hambleton on clarinet.

An MP3 download version of this album is also available at Axe Digital Downloads

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