From The 70's To Today

Greg today
Greg Hambleton today
photo image of Steel River Signing
Greg Hambleton signing Steel River (1970)
Gary & Dave Coffee Break
Gary & Dave take a break during a recording session (1973)
Phillis at CHYM
Rain vocalist Phyllis Brown presents "Out Of My Mind" to CHYM Radio's Brian Gillis (1971)
Gary & Dave with Elsie & Greg
Gary and Dave with Axe promotion director Elsie Heatherman and Greg (1974)
The Fringe
The Fringe - psychedelic band on tour at their Yorkville club gig (1967)
Art Snider with Greg
Sound Canada Studio owner Art Snider with Greg (1970)
Thundermug honoured for 500th sale at Sams
Sam's store mgr Brian Wilson congratulates Thundermug after selling 500 copies of "Strikes" in a week (1972)
Starchild signing
Starchild's Bob Sprenger, Neil Light, Greg Hinz, Rick Whittier & mgr David Lodge signing with Greg's Axe Records (1978)
Eary Rain romo
An early promo photo of Rain. L-R Bill McLaughlin, Chis Woroch, Charlie Hall, Phyllis (Charity) Brown & Ron Hiller (1970)
Gary And Dave visit Roy Hennessy at CKLG
Gary And Dave while on tour with The Stampeders visit Roy Hennesy at CKLG, Vancouver (1974)
Greg with Pierre Juneau
Greg & Pierre Juneau (after whom the Juno Awards were named) at the Celebration of Songwriters Dinner. (1988)